Our Teachers Need Vastly Better Financial Support

It is unfortunate that it has taken the Covid-19 pandemic for Americans to begin to better appreciate the teachers of our children. Educators are not babysitters. Rather, they are professionals who help students acquire knowledge. We usually assume this knowledge is merely academic, but this is a very narrow view of the reality of a pedagogue. Good teachers not only teach their students content knowledge such as history or trigonometry, but as if not more importantly, good teachers teach their students how to learn (as learning is a lifelong process that does not end in the classroom). They often provide mentorship, a safe environment, and emotional support. Additionally, due to recent current events, teachers are also supplying PPE to their badly underfunded schools. That is why it is imperative that teachers are minimally able to have basic financial security, which unfortunately is not always the case.

According to worldpopulationreview.com, in 2020 there is a wide berth between the highest and the lowest paid teachers in our country. For new teachers entering the profession, Washington, D.C. are paid the highest average salary of $55,209, while right behind is New Jersey with an average starting salary of $51,443. However, Montana, has the current lowest salary for new teachers at $31,418. Oklahoma, Missouri, South Carolina, Arkansas, Colorado, and West Virginia all have starting salaries for new teachers of less than $35,000. And even for teachers who live in states with higher starting salaries, when factoring in the cost of living, the pay does not often reflect the value of the job.

With schools across the United States beginning to open for fall, layoffs for our children’s educators have been a constant and real fear. Thousands of teachers have already been terminated in California, Massachusetts, and Michigan, largely due to the Covid-19 crisis. In NYC alone, due to NY State’s fiscal crisis, Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza has threatened the layoff of 9,000 teachers. Most teachers at risk are newly hired and without tenure.

We at LMG Financial Solutions stand with the teachers of America. Let us help you resolve any debt or financial predicament you may have due to the unprecedented events of 2020. And when tax time comes around, we can help you claim as many benefits as you deserve. If the children are our future, we need to protect those dedicated professionals who ensure their path ahead.  

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