Wildfires North-West

California, Washington and Oregon are facing an unprecedented catastrophe with out of control fires that are devastating the landscape. Whole towns are being destroyed leaving citizens homeless. Families vacated with little to no time leaving their cherished possessions behind. Home owners will re-build as they have done in the past. In more and more instances,… Read more »

Saving for the holidays

It’s never too soon to begin saving money for the holidays. In many families Christmas can cost a fortune. People buy expensive presents and put up a new tree each year. They search for Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree. When you add up the expense it can come to a small fortune. I want… Read more »

Bills long over due

Les Glass owner of LMG Financial Services LLC

Your income has been severely reduced. Rent is still due and you need to put food on the table. The last worry should be how to pay your credit cards. It’s a good time to consult with someone who understands the hardship you and your family are living through. Take back control of your finances…. Read more »

Our Teachers Need Vastly Better Financial Support

It is unfortunate that it has taken the Covid-19 pandemic for Americans to begin to better appreciate the teachers of our children. Educators are not babysitters. Rather, they are professionals who help students acquire knowledge. We usually assume this knowledge is merely academic, but this is a very narrow view of the reality of a… Read more »

Food Budgeting in History

Our ancestors knew a thing or two about food budgeting, which led to the creation of some of our favorite meals. Meat loaf and French toast can trace their origins at least as far back as ancient Rome. If you are interested in recreating these historical recipes, you can read translations of Apicius’s “De Re… Read more »

How much debt is ok?

Our FICO score uses algorithms that take into consideration multiple aspects of your financial world. Too many credit cards, too few credit cards, total credit issued vs current credit available, plus others. Not sure where you stand? Contact LMG Financial Solutions for your free consultation at 201 297-7600. It’s amazing that when we are trying… Read more »

Is Covid-19 the End of Diamond Engagement Rings?

To many romantics such a question would have seemed anathema or even blasphemous if asked prior to the current pandemic. Of course a sparkling diamond ring is necessary when proposing to the love of your life. How else can your spouse to be possibly know how invested you are in the marriage? However, the truth… Read more »

Who determines the value of money?

“All money is a matter of belief.” – Adam Smith, 18th century CE We do. Otherwise, what differentiates a $10 bill from a ripped piece of newspaper? Civilizations have afforded financial value to paper money going back to the 9th century Tang Dynasty in China! Prior to the invention of printed Chinese paper currency, civilizations… Read more »

I’m in debt. Now what?

Start by listing all your debt with their corresponding interest rate. Debt with the highest interest rate should be paid off first. Take advantage of auto pay to make sure that the minimums are paid when due. Review offers received from banks for balance transfers offering 0% interest. Beware of fees for balance transfers as… Read more »