Financial Advisor

Financial Consultant: Les Glass

Les Glass spent 30 plus years in the financial industry. The last 14 years of which have been with AIG, a well-known insurance, and financial institution. He gets great satisfaction helping people live a debt-free life. Les completed his education with a master’s degree in finance. He prides himself on being attentive and listening to the people who come to him for advice.

Most financial advisors have a set methodology when working with their clients. However, Les believes that each client is unique and requires a plan tailored to their individual needs. The majority of clients Les has worked with have stayed with him for many years.

Years ago, a friend of Les’ was drowning in credit card debt. Because of his expertise with finance, they came to Les for help. On the friend’s behalf, Les called the charge card companies, department stores, and debt collectors. Les was able to negotiate the debt to a small manageable amount. This is one example where he derives great satisfaction in turning people’s lives around for the better.

When you work with Les Glass, you will never have to file for bankruptcy. He will take you by the hand and walk you step by step until you feel completely secure with your financial status. Les has worked with many clients through the years, and it gives him gratification taking away their money woes and leaving them with a clean slate. He can show you how to save thousands of dollars through his consulting services.

Les started doing tax returns for himself, family, and friends when he was a student at SUNY Albany. Les was audited once, and he came away with a larger refund. Most tax preparers take the easy way out by using the standard deduction. If warranted, Les uses itemized deductions to get his clients a larger refund. He provides smart, efficient tax preparation for tax issues of all sizes. His clients appreciate the expertise that he brings to all their tax issues.

Please feel free to call LMG Financial Solutions LLC for your 30-minute complimentary consultation. Les is looking forward to hearing from you.